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NICE Homes

Ready to SELL yours, THIS WEEK?


Do you have a NICE home, in a GOOD location,

that is, for whatever reason, just no longer a PERFECT FIT for your life? 

Would you like to sell it, THIS WEEK?  WITHOUT the usual time, hassles, unforeseen expenses and DRAMA?

Yes, this week.

We Buy BEAUTIFUL Houses, Quickly, Easily and Confidentially.

NICE Houses. in NICE Locations. and NICE Condition!

Our real estate expertise, connections, and time-tested, proven business systems have been developed over the past 30+ years, and continue to evolve along with our ever-changing world and real estate market.  Each purchase is tailor-made to each specific circumstance, so Tell Us About Your House now, to see what we can do with yours!  We buy a lot of different houses, in a lot of different ways.

OK !    What's This Mean to YOU ? ? ?

Unlike many other We-Buy-Houses companies, here at Liberty Dream Homes:

  • We DO NOT focus on $25,000 “UGLY”, “landlord”, fixer-upper JUNK.  UUGGGGGGHH!!!
    If you are looking for some "last resort" way to unload a WEIRD, RUN-DOWN, PROBLEM house in an undesirable location... that you just can't sell any other way...  Please call someone else who specializes in this.  Call us too, you never know.  But hey; we're probably not interested.  Long story short... our specialty is buying NICE, normal and desirable houses in NICE locations.  So before you list your NICE home with a real estate agent to "see what they can do", call us first and see if we'll BUY IT this week.  Or get started HERE right now, online.

  • We DO NOT need to “STEAL” your house, to make our business work.  
    The fact is, you'll make out just as well (often better) financially selling us your house QUICKLY and EASILY, than with more so-called "traditional" methods.  The main difference is...  It's QUICK, EASY, and on YOUR schedule.  WARNING:  you will be missing out on some exciting DRAMA and last-minute "misunderstandings"!  Sell Your House FAST.

  • We DO NOT need YOU to be in some DESPERATE situation, for our solutions to make sense!  
    While we're better equipped than most to help people in a wide variety of situations... this IS ABSOLUTELY NOT just for people with their backs against a wall, DESPERATE for "FAST CASH ! ! !".  A A A H H H  H H H ! ! ! ! !  Take a deep breath.  While we do have great solutions available to help people out of some sticky situations... the simple fact is, we also have great solutions available for nice normal people in nice normal everyday situations... who JUST want to SELL their NICE house, WITHOUT all the usual chaos and hassleNICE!

And unlike many other Real-Estate professionals, here at Liberty Dream Homes:

  • We DO NOT need to “OUTSMART” people, to make our business work.  We tell is like it is UP FRONT, then do what we say.  Radical, we know.  And to our surprise, it's not for everyone!  Yes, you can SKIP all that fine print and story-telling.  NICE!

  • We DO NOT “LIST” YOUR HOUSE for sale, “throwing it at the wall” while your life is on hold.  We BUY it.  Sell Your NICE Home FAST.

  • We DO NOT tell you what you want to hear… then wait around to see what happens, “baby-stepping” you through a series of unexpected (to you) hassles, "misunderstandings", expenses and STRESS.  NICE.

We DO:    BUY.  NICE.  HOUSES.    Quickly, Easily and Confidentially.

This IS FOR YOU:  

  • If you just want a QUICKEASY and painless sale, so that you can take care of business with ease, and get on with your life.  Because life is good.  Why make it hard?


  • If you need $300,000, all cash, next week, for your $225,000 home.  And a cherry on top.  Really?
  • If you are convinced that life is hard, and everyone's out to get you.  Good luck with that!
  • You're looking for "the catch", to struggle... agonize, and butt heads.  Frankly, we don't have time for it.  Anyway, there's no shortage of other "professionals" out there, who can help you with all of that!  We wish you the best, but it's just not what we do.  We're far too busy buying nice homes.

Enough About Us.  Ready to Get it Done?


and Tell Us About Your House.